Grill Use


A strong gas smell, or the hissing sound of gas indicates a serious problem with the grill or the LP gas tank.  Failure to immediately follow the steps listed below could result in fire or explosion that could cause serious bodily injury, death, or property damage . 

1. Shut off gas supply to the grill

2.Turn all control knobs to OFF position

3. Open the grill lid

4. Get away from the LP gas tank 

5. If odor continues or you have a fire you cannot control, call the Fire Department.

6. Do not call while near the LP gas tank because the electrical spark from a phone could cause fire or explosion.


The normal flow of gas through the hose assembly and regulator can create a low volume humming noise.  This is normal for the operation of this grill.

 The Rotisserie feature should not be operated, so do not use the (2) burner controls, located to the far left of the front of the grill.

Grand Turbo Grill

Instructions for Use

Before Use               
1. Uncover grill by releasing velcro straps at bottom. Be sure to safeguard cover in a secure location for use after cooking. After cool down,  please re-cover grill after use.

2. Check LP tank level.  Open the left-hand cabinet door. Press the “CHECK” button to operate the Fuel Gauge Display with the tank mounted in the tank tray.  If the tank is LOW, a warning signal will sound for 3 seconds.  This display automatically shuts off after approx. 20 seconds.  If you will need another tank, they should be available in the “cage” area under the outside deck of the clubhouse.  A lifeguard or Board Member should have a key for access.

3. If hose and tank are connected: Check Regulator-Hose to tank.  With left door open, be sure tank cylinder  is placed securely in the hole in the tank drawer.  Make sure all gas connections are securely tightened.  Open the grill lid.   Make sure all burner valves are in the OFF position.  Open LP gas tank valve, located on the top of the tank.  Turn counterclockwise, slowly , until ¼ to ½ open.   Whenever the grill is not in use, the gas must be turned off here, at the supply tank valve, located on the top of the tank.  If hose and tank are not connected, SEE BELOW.


Grill Lighting

1.  Open Grill Lid.  Set all control knobs to OFF.  Open LP gas tank valve.

2.  Push and turn any control knob for Main Burner to HIGH.  Immediately press the electric ignitor for 3-4 seconds to light the burner.

3.  If the burner does not light, turn the control knob to OFF and wait a few minutes for the gas to clear.  Then retry.

4. Once a grill burner is ignited, the adjacent burner(s) can be lit by simply turning its control knob to HIGH.

5.  Adjust control knobs to your desired cooking level.

Lighting Grill by Match

1.  Open Grill lid. While holding a lighted match over the lighting tube on the left side of the grill, open the left main burner control knob to the HIGH setting.  Burner should light within 5 seconds.                       

2.  If burner does not light within 5 seconds, turn control knob to OFF and wait a few minutes for the gas to clear before attempting to light again.

3. Once a burner is lit the adjacent burners will cross light off the operating burner.  Adjust control knobs to your desired cooking level.

Connecting Regulator-Hose to LP Gas Tank

1. With left door open, pull out LP tank drawer. Reach behind tank to locate regulator hose. Hold it in your hand and while returning drawer  .

2.  Attach black plastic nut on hose to the LP gas tank valve by pushing it in while tightening clockwise by hand to a full stop.  DO NOT use any tools to tighten this connection.

3.  Open LP gas tank valve, located on the top of the tank. Proceed with lighting.

After Cooking     Please turn off all control knobs immediately after cooking so unit has a chance to cool.  Turn off the gas at the supply tank valve.  When you are sure the unit is cool,  please  place  the cover over the grill.