Pool Rules

Mill Glen COVID-19 Rules (Effective 6/11/2020 until further notice;  supersede any existing rules)

· Rule acceptance and enforcement

o   The COVID-19 rules set by the Mill Glen Board are intended to keep members and Dynamo staff safe and to ensure that our pool can remain open throughout the season

o   These rules are based on the Dekalb Department of Health COVID-19 Guidance for Public Swimming Pools

o   If members do not agree with these rules for any reason, they may contact the Board and also exercise their right to not attend the pool or enter the club grounds

o   If individual members or family units do not follow the club’s COVID rules, the Board may temporarily suspend their access to the pool and club grounds

o   If the club membership as a whole does not follow the club’s COVID rules, the Board reserves the right to close the pool indefinitely

o   If any member has a concern about other members or Dynamo staff not following the COVID rules, please contact the Board at XXXX

o   As the pool season progresses, the Board may adjust these rules as necessary

·  Disinfecting and Hand Sanitation

o   Each time an attendee enters the pool gate, they are required to sanitize their hands using the club-provided hand sanitizer

o   Many common surfaces on the property will be sanitized by life guards every 2 hours; adult swim will be extended from 15 to 20 minutes to help facilitate this

o   If any attendee feels additional disinfecting is necessary, they must disinfect utilizing self-provided disinfectant

o   The club or lifeguards will not provide disinfectant to any attendees; this includes disinfectant for the  mandatory disinfecting of tables by table users

·  Pool Attendance

o   Usage of all facilities within the pool gate will be limited in capacity to promote social distancing; members must have an online reservation to use the pool; see below for pool reservation rules

o   To ensure members can optimize the use of the pool while attendance is limited, no guests are allowed at the pool

§  Only exception is someone over the age of 15 who is serving as supervision for a member child in place of a member parent (I.E. nanny or grandparent)

o   Private swim lessons will not be allowed

·   Social Distancing

o   While using the pool, all attendees must practice social distancing (6 feet separation between family units)

o   The parents/heads of family units are responsible to monitor and enforce social distancing practices for their own family units while on all parts of the club grounds

§  Current pool rules allow children over the age of 10 to be at the pool unattended;  If a parent sends their child 10 or older to the pool, it is the parent’s responsibility to make sure the child is following all the COVID rules while on pool grounds;  If a child is observed not following the rules, they will lose their ability to go to the pool without adult supervision

o   Visual cues for social distancing will be in place for the lines at the diving boards; attendees must follow these cues or will lose their right to use the diving boards

o   The baby pool will remain open for children 4 years old (confirm age) or younger, but parents are responsible to monitor and enforce social distancing practices for their children; 

·     Pool Furniture

o   Chairs, chaise lounges and short tables will not be provided by the club; attendees must bring their own chairs for use while at the pool; attendees may not store or keep personal chairs on the pool grounds

o   Tables on the pool deck, under the clubhouse and in the gazebo may be used only after the user disinfects the table themselves with their own disinfectant and upon leaving the table.

o   All tables on club grounds will be set in socially distanced locations and may not be moved for any reason

·     Club Facilities

o   The playground will remain closed and off limits

o   The water fountain will be turned off; bring your own water to the pool (including tennis players)

o   The pool shower will be turned off; attendees must shower at home prior to getting in the club pool

o   No more than 1 person allowed in each bathroom at one time; the only exception is a parent or caregiver may be in the bathroom with a child

o   The club will not maintain a Lost and Found; lifeguards will throw away all left items at the end of each day

o   The ice machine room may be entered only by adults over the age of 18; users of the ice machine are required to utilize hand sanitizer before getting ice

o   The upstairs of the club house is closed to all club members

o   Swim at your own risk for adults before the pool opens will be allowed if all club COVID, social distancing and hand disinfecting rules are followed

o   Tennis courts will remain open and unlocked but may not be entered for any reason other than tennis play with an online reservation, using our current reservation system

o   The grill at the gazebo may be used only if user disinfects it with self-provided disinfectant prior to and after use

·    Pool Toys and Equipment

o   Pool toys including noodles, kickboards, goggles, rafts, etc. may be used in the pool but may not be shared outside of the family unit that brought them

o   Pool toys that shoot water (squirt guns, water cannons, etc.) are not allowed at the pool

o   Balls, frisbees and other throwing toys are not allowed at the pool

o   Pool attendees should not touch or handle any pool maintenance equipment or the lifeguard stands

·        Food and Beverage

o   No sharing of food or beverage outside of your family unit

o   No selling of food or beverage by children or adults on club grounds

o   Food delivery is allowed if conducted in a safe manner outside of the pool gate

·   Member and User Health

o   If any attendee has any symptoms of sickness, they should not go to the pool

o   If any attendee develops any symptoms of sickness while at the pool, they should go home immediately

o   If any attendee develops symptoms of COVID or are confirmed as having COVID after attending the pool, they should inform Mill Glen Board and also their local public health officials

o   If any attendee does show symptoms of COVID while at the pool, it will be closed for 24 hours to allow for disinfecting

Normal Pool Rules (are superseded by above COVID-19 rules)

1. In an effort to ensure member-only use of the pool, sign-in for families is located at the main gate. Please sign in daily. On the sign-in sheet, indicate the number of guests. Guest fees will be billed to the member family periodically. Guest fees are $2.00/day per authorized guest. Authorized guests are out-of-neighborhood residents and in-neighborhood residents who are on the membership waiting list. An adult Mill Glen member must accompany all guests. 

2. Only children 10 years and older may attend the club unsupervised. Under age children must be accompanied and supervised by a person at least 15 years of age. Tennis players may not leave under age children unsupervised. 

3. Swim diapers are MANDATORY for all non potty-trained children entering the main pool or wading pool.  All members must help enforce this rule. If you see a violation, please report it to the lifeguard. In the event of an accident, the pool must close for 24 hours!! 

4. Adult swim is for ADULTS ONLY. An adult is defined as 18 years old or over. Children, including infants, may not accompany parents or other adults in the water during adult swim. 

5. No glass containers are permitted inside the pool gates. 

6. No inflatable boats may be used in the pool. Other floats may be used at the discretion of the lifeguards. 

7. Running or rough play is not allowed and will result in disciplinary action. 

8. No playing with tennis balls in the pool, pool area, or pavilion. 

9. No pets are allowed in pool area. 

10. WADING POOL - Only children 4 years old and younger may use the wading pool. The lifeguards do NOT SUPERVISE the wading pool; therefore, it is each parent’s responsibility to watch their children in the wading pool. The wading pool may not be used during swim or dive practice. 


-      Children have to be able to swim to the ladder on their own in order to jump off the diving board. No one can be in the pool to catch them.

-      No floats or flotation devices may be used in the deep end of the pool.

-      Only one person is allowed on the diving board at a time.

-      Do not dive off the board until the previous diver has reached the ladder. 

-      Only two bounces are allowed before a dive.

-      No touching the main drain when diving; this is for safety reasons.

-      Playing in the deep end of the pool is not allowed while divers are present.

-      Sharks & Minnows: The lifeguard must agree to allow this game. No diving is allowed during the game. 

12.  Enforcement of Rules.   
  • The pool rules will be enforced by the lifeguards.  For members who violate the pool rules the following will be the enforcement process:
    1. First offense will result in a warning.
    2. The second offense will result in a suspension of the use of the pool until after the next adult swim (out of the pool, seated next to the lifeguard).  
    3. The third offense will result in a 24 hour suspension from the pool.  Any child asked to lease the pool more than twice in a season will not be allowed to return to the pool unless accompanied by a parent.  Additional disciplinary action will be at the discretion of the Board.     
13. No smoking inside the pool fence.

Thank you for your cooperation in following the rules outlined above. They are designed for your safety and will help ensure an enjoyable summer at our pool. Let’s have fun in the sun!