Club Rules

To maintain a quality facility and to promote a safe and enjoyable environment we can all be proud of, as a family, each of us agrees to:

  1. Become familiar with and abide by all club and pool rules.
  2. Treat all members, club employees, and guests with respect
  3. Follow all instructions and directions from the pool manager and lifeguards. 
  4. Set and maintain a high standard of conduct:  i.e., no derogatory language and/or gestures. 
  5. Maintain the pool, tennis courts and surrounding areas to insure cleanliness and safety. 
  6. Take responsibility for our guest’s actions and to communicate the rules and Code of Conduct to our guests. 
  7. Notify pool managers or board members when infractions occur. 

Should we fail to fulfill our responsibilities as members, we agree that all consequences determined by the Board of Directors are final.


The Mill Glen Swim and Tennis Club is for Members and registered Guests ONLY.
Guests are defined as persons residing outside the defined boundaries of membership.
  1. An adult Mill Glen member must accompany guests.  
  2. Parents are responsible for the actions of all family members and guests.  
  3. If anyone is in violation of a material rule, please call the police at 911.  
  4. Children under the age of eleven (11) may use the playground equipment.  
  5. The playground area is closed after dark.  
  6. The playground equipment is to be used at your own risk.  
  7. Skateboards, roller blades and scooters may be used as a means of transportation
     to and from the pool; however, once at the club, their use is prohibited.
  8. Individuals are not allowed to bring inflatable structures or bouncy houses of any kind
    onto club property.

Rules are subject to change at the discretion of the Board of Directors.



  1. The primary purpose of the phones at the Club is for calling emergency services.  
  2. The Club House phone may be used for incoming and outgoing calls that are limited to one minute per call.  The Lifeguard may restrict the use of the phones if they decide they are being used improperly.  The Tennis Court phone is for EMERGENCY CALLS ONLY. 


The gazebo is for club functions only.

  1. After each club event, it will be the responsibility of the group using the gazebo to clean the area and turn off all lights.